Getting Started

Welcome to testcord, a python library for testing discord bots written using pycord. This tutorial will explain how to install testcord and set it up in your project, and write a simple test. If you already know how to install libraries with pip, you probably want to skip to Using Pytest.

Installing testcord

To start with, you should install testcord with pip. This will look a bit different, depending if you’re on Windows or Mac/Linux:

  • Windows: py -m pip install testcord

  • Linux: python3 -m pip install testcord

Using testcord

Once installed, you will need to import testcord before you can use it. As it is an extension to pycord, it goes into the pycord extensions module. So, the most basic usage of testcord would look like this:

import asyncio
import discord.ext.test as testcord

async def test_ping():
    bot = ...  # However you create your bot.
    await testcord.message("!ping")
    assert testcord.verify().message().contains().content("Ping:")

async def test_foo():
    bot = ... # Same setup as above
    await testcord.message("!hello")
    assert testcord.verify().message().content("Hello World!")

If that looks like a lot of code just to run tests, don’t worry, there’s a better way! We can use pytest, a popular Python testing library.

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